Ostbye OF14A14

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Cordova 22313

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A. Jaffe WR0588

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Ostbye OF14A23BR

14 Karat white gold cognac diamond fashion ring, .25dtw.
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Ostbye OP13A23

14 Karat white gold infinity diamond necklace, .15dtw.
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Ostbye SD13F27

14 Karat white gold Shimmering Diamond ring, .40tdw.
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Ostbye G8099

14 Karat white gold Shimmer Diamond pendant with .07ct.
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Ostbye SD13E10BK

14 Karat white gold Black Shimmering Diamond earrings, .16dtw.
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Ostbye SD13P18YL

14 Karat white and yellow gold Shimmering Diamond pendant, .15dtw.
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Ostbye SD13P23__50

14 Karat white gold Shimmering Diamond pendant, .53dtw.
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Parade Lyria Leaves N4344B

18 karat white gold interlocking diamond necklace. .13 carat total weight diamonds
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